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Organization Area

Define the classes according to your organized structure of your facility as folders tree and specify the academic stage of each of which.

Users Management

Organize your users easily by organization chart, groups or roles, manage administrators with special permissions. Import, export and modify massively many users in one click.

Courses Management

Organize your courses in multiple catalogs,categories and coursepaths, to offer you users different choices.

Learning Objects Management

Manage teaching, materials, courses and collaboration with a wide choice of features that specification of the advanced distributed learning as scrom collection. </br> Monitor activities and assignments with an advanced tracking system.

eTests -Grade Book

Easily customize online testing solutions for educational assessment with 8 types of tests and quizzes graded instantly saving you hours of paperwork!

Advanced Quizzes

Quickly build 14 of an interacive assessments (by drag & drop) using ready-to-go question templates — from must-have multiple-choice to matching, sequencing, drag-and-drop, and more.

Video Conference & Virtual classrooms

With LearnyHome you can create your webinars and virtual classrooms easily, Teachers and students can review all recordings at any time .

Contest & Activities

With LearnyHome, students will be able to participate in the activities and contests even after the end of the academic year.

Online Chat & Forums

Let your users communicate through online chatting or forums .


The "Global Newsletter" feature will let you send massive emails or sms to all or a selected group of users.

Automatic PDF Certificats

Automatically generate pdf certificates upon completion of the courses, with unlimited customizable graphic templates. (Attendance, Passing, Excellence,...)

Reservations Management

You can also define festivel halls with their facilities, Save their locations and schedule reservations for them according to available times.

Custom Reporting

Easily create countless custom reports and schedule regular submission to administrators or even students.

Automatic Notifications

Send automatic notifications upon user registration, certification, course completion, learning material uploading,.....


Let your users communicate through forums and exchange private messages


Integrate the e-learning platform with your management and financial software with native API and connectors.

Learn about our apps


Learny Home For parents


Application that helps parents follow up the educational process and assess the level of their children on a daily basis, in addition to providing an electronic appeal service to receive the children with the possibility of paying school fees.


Learny Home For mentors


Application that allows communication between the school administration and parents through live chat, sending notices, upload news and school activities by supervisors, and managing the school transportation process. It also allows teachers to upload the preparation of materials, evaluate students, and record their attendance in classes.