Learning Objects Management

Manage teaching, materials, courses and collaboration with a wide choice of features that specification of the advanced distributed learning as scrom collection.
Monitor activities and assignments with an advanced tracking system.


Learning Materials Management

The learning objects mangement library are divided to three parts:

  • Course Objects

    list of actual LO of the course, available for students. They can be directly created from this area or imported either from MyObjects or Shared Objects areas.

  • Shared Objects

    a repository of LO shared among all the courses and users with permission to access this tab

  • My Objects

    personal materials repository for the logged user. A private area for teachers in which they can store their own objects, create new objects or import objects from other teachers. It is an inter-course area in the sense that the objects placed there can be viewed from any of the courses managed by the teacher.

LO actions and features

1. View: open and launch the learning object. Actions will be tracked as for normal fruition
2. Edit: access the edit page for this of learning object. Each type of learning object has a different edit mode.
3. Copy: duplicate the object
4. Properties: edit object properties for:
- Prerequisites
- LO Properties
5. Categorize: Add description, category and tags for the knowledge base
6. Assign: assign this LO only to speccific users
7. Order: move the object up and down in the list
8. Move: move the object to a folder or into another tab
9. Delete: remove the LO. All trackings will be deleted