eTests -Grade Book

Easily customize online testing solutions for educational assessment with 8 types of tests and quizzes graded instantly saving you hours of paperwork!

Quiz design:

You can easily customize the design of your quiz by switching to the Slide View mode. Adjust fonts, layout, and color schemes for questions, and add images, math and science equations, shapes, and text labels — just like in PowerPoint.


Question Category

You can create an unlimited numer of categories that can be used globally to categorize any question in any test or in the question bank.

  • Question Category

    Select a category for this question. It will be possible to calculate category scorse for each test compiling. Categories ar globally defined for the whole platform in backend question category configuration

  • Question Types

    This is the list of the available question types and test elements:
    SC - Single Choice
    MC - Multiple Choice
    ET - Extended Text
    TE - Text Entry
    IC - Inline Choice
    HT - Hot Text (Find the wrong term)
    UP - Uload File
    AS - Association
    more design options:
    TE - Title
    BR - Page Break

  • Difficulty

    set a difficulty level that can be uses to automatically weigh scores calculation.


The gradebook is one of the most important and useful course features, used to manage all the evaluation activities in a course:
- Test Learning Objects
- Scorm objects with score
- Classroom activities

Use the "Edit" icon for each test to see a list of the scores for all the user.
Plus, for each user you can
- View and edit the final score
- View the full test execution (see below)
- Edit the execution date
- Add a comment to be displayed on user scorecard
- Cancel last execution, so the user ca take the test again